How to Dress Dapper Like James Bond

James Bond. 007. England’s finest. The man, the myth, the legend. What is it about James Bond that makes him such an appealing character. Both men and women alike find him an interesting and effortlessly cool cat. Why does Bond have the appeal he does? It can’t just be the fact he has cool gadgets and is a certified bad-ass, can it?

Well, that certainly helps, but it’s more about the character and the way he carries himself. The thing with James Bond is his attitude and his style. These are what mark him out as one to watch, and what set him apart from the crowd. Think about the style 007 has when he walks into a room. He’s suave and dapper, and he turns heads. So, let’s look at how you can dress dapper just like your favourite international spy.


The first thing to note about Bond is the clothes he chooses to wear. Even when he’s at his most casual he will still wear a buttoned down shirt. And, of course, his signature outfit is the tuxedo or suit. All across the globe, we associate the suit with James Bond. It’s become part of his signature. His calling card. Bond’s tuxedos are no doubt pricey, but you don’t to spend the thousands he likely shells out. As long as you choose something that fits well, and is the right colour for your complexion and character. Consider Connery’s Bond and Timothy Dalton’s Bond. Both wore white dinner jackets, but who looked better? Connery of course. Because it suits his attitude and style. Try to find the perfect fit and colour of suit to meet with your character and personality.


Next up, shoes. 007 always has great shoes. In the Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman asks, “Think about it, how often do you look at a man’s shoes?” Well, sorry Morgan, but quite a bit. And, if you want to be as dapper as Bond, you need to pay close attention to the shoes. Smart and shiny is a must, but you also need to be comfortable and practical. In Bond’s position, he needs to be ready for action at any moment, and that means the right shoes are crucial. Matching the shoes with the suit is vital. Black shoes with a black or blue suit, brown shoes with a grey suit. But never do brown shoes with a black suit! Yuck!


You may not associate Bond with many accessories. Well, our favourite MI6 agent only needs one – the trusted watch. This has become almost as much of an icon for Bond as the suit and cast. Every man needs to have a watch to complement his suit, and Bond is no different. Study the watches he wears, and how well they complement his suits. When shopping for a dress watch, you need to take design and style into account above anything else. This is crucial for helping complete your look and image, so make sure you do what you can to choose the perfect watch.