Cocktails That Are Manly As Hell

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cocktails are reserved purely for women. There are plenty of manly cocktails to taste as well. It’s just a case of us guys figuring out what those cocktails are and how to get hold of them. The world of cocktails is so vast and expansive that it can get a little overwhelming. There are enormous menus with reams and reams of different drinks. Sometimes you have no idea what they are, or what the ingredients mean.


Next time you’re out, you should increase your cocktail experience. There are some real gems you can enjoy, and many of them are effortlessly manly! Check out some of the suggestions below, and make sure you sample some of them.




The vodka-martini is one of the most famous cocktails in the world, thanks to a certain British secret agent!and the debate rages about whether you should have it shaken or stirred. Let’s be honest, you’re going to ask for it the Bond way right?! Think about how cool it will be walking into a bar and ordering a vodka-martini, shaken but not stirred! It’s hard to get more manly than James Bond, so you’re onto a winner with this deliciously awesome cocktail.




A screwdriver is perfect because it’s so simple as well as tasting nice. It’s basically vodka and orange juice. So simple, in fact, that you could make one at home before going out, as well as ordering when you’re out. Worried about whether they’re manly enough? Well, they are the drink of choice for Samuel L. Jackson’s character Ordell in Jackie Brown. Tarantino and Sam Jackson are the hallmarks of cool for guys everywhere! This drink is as manly as they come, make no mistake about that!


Tom Collins


In preparation for the summer, you need to get your Tom Collins on! This classic tall drink is best enjoyed on a hot day. It’s a gin-based cocktail served over ice. With easy ingredients comprising of gin, simple syrup, lemon juice and soda water. This is a cocktail you can enjoy again and again. The Tom Collins is a delicious and manly cocktail, but you’ll need to pace yourself to make sure you don’t get too drunk too quickly.




Negroni is probably the coolest drink on this list. It’s the Warren Beatty or Paul Newman of guy cocktails. The bitterness and orange colour comes from the Campari that is used as a key ingredient. This drink is certainly an acquired taste, but, if you like it, you will continue to come back for more. You’re going to look pretty awesome sat there with your glass of Negroni nestling in your hand.