You Can Now Get an Online Casino That Accepts Bitcoins

Bitcoins are used in transactions as a mode of payment. They are a form of digital currency that does not involve any third party as it is just between the buyer and the seller. There first came online casinos and then an online casino that allows members to make deposits and withdraw their profits using bitcoins. This has made life easier for so many people.

Many people prefer using bitcoins to transact as it is a cheaper option. This is because there are no middlemen involved in the transaction. The market value of bitcoins has grown so much over the years from their inception into the market in 2008. Many businessmen prefer using bitcoins in their transactions as it is cheaper for them too.

One such business that has taken up the use of bitcoins is Vera John. This is an online casino that accepts Bitcoins. There is even a casino game, the Satoshi Slot that was inspired by the bitcoin theme. This was the first casino under regulation and licensed to operate online that gave their members this convenience.

The members of this casino do not have to worry about the games that they will find. The reason this is so is because there are a variety of games and the same games that they enjoy playing offline they will have them online. The company is very friendly and even gives a new member 100% bonus.

This casino is different in that the bitcoin is not a basis for paying for new games, but you pay for the games that already exist in the casino. The bitcoins that the customer’s deposit are converted in real time at the current Euro exchange rates. This is a way of protecting the customers as the casino will not hold the bitcoins in any way.

This casino is EU based and does not accept players from some nationalities. For those who have used this site, they can attest to the convenience that it offers. The fact that the bitcoins can be converted into Euros immediately means that it may be used not only as a currency, but also as a payment network.